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Raincrow Film

Raincrow Film is a team of filmmakers dedicated to improving our craft of storytelling through the art of filmmaking. We seek to discover the profound connections among people, animals, culture, behavior, and the environment. This includes an emphasis on environmental issues, sustainability, agriculture, and innovative green culture technology, as well as their global impacts and local practices.

Our interviews are powerful. We find the beauty and character of life – good or bad. We strive to find the deeper story and relay that in an evocative, artistic, and accurate manner. We create extraordinary films about new ideas and possibilities using stunning images, natural depth and complexity of sound, and atmospheric music to fit the story.

November 27th, 2011

Watch the full version of Occam’s Grazer!

For a limited time Raincrow Film is offering a free Youtube version of the full Occam’s Grazer video!

Occam’s Grazer provides an introduction to Holistic Management and holistic grazing as well as many powerful insights, philosophies, and useful ideas from people who are using the framework and practices every day. This video is a must for anyone who wants to learn more about taking a holistic approach to grazing in their ranch business, how it works, and the potential benefits. It was designed to be a resource for ranchers, potential ranchers, environmentalists, and educators, but is also being well received by the general public.

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Paul Mobley

Raincrow Film is featuring nationally acclaimed photographer Paul Mobley in their recent educational video, “Holistic Management for the People“.

We have had many exceptional interviews with dedicated folks trying to make a positive difference on their land and in the world. Last spring we interviewed Brian Marshall, a rancher and Holistic Management educator from Guyra, Australia. He gave such a wonderful interview (and we love his accent) that we’ve been working on short clips to help educate the public on what exactly Holistic Management is. In this segment, we wanted to focus on a primary facet of this system—people and community. Brian’s words reveal the both global and community oriented nature of Holistic Management perfectly. We needed images that could convey that same essence, and we found it in spades in Paul Mobley’s book, American Farmer.

Paul captures perfectly both the resolve and empathy we have come to appreciate in those farmers and neighbors that we have worked with so closely.



Occam’s Grazer  – the full length video is now available! For more information, visit our Store .

Featured video: Trailer for Occam’s Grazer